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Aaron's Back Company

Moving and Labor specialist     ​

Licensed and insured

Move Day: 

On your scheduled day, we will bring the truck, wrap and load all your furniture, appliances and boxes; and relocate them to your new location. Before we leave, we will make sure items are placed in designated areas, and are re-assembled to your satisfaction.

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Right at Home:

We will take care of the heavy lifting right at your home so you can plan those projects you have been avoiding.  We will rearrange the furniture, move rooms from upstairs to downstairs, move items for new flooring to be installed or carpets to be cleaned or stretched. We will even move that hot tub over so you can rebuild the deck.


At the Office:

Need to move those heavy desks and file cabinets at the office?  We can rearrange items or move them to a new location,  disassemble desks for moving or assemble new desks after delivery.   Down the halls or up the elevator, we get the copy machines, cubicle panels and conference table right where you need them.


Moving to Storage:

Finding  yourself in between homes?  You have to be out of one home but haven't found a new one?  Your home sells and the one you are building is not ready to move into yet?  Maybe temporary storage is the answer.  We will help you get your items there or into an on-site container.

'ABC' Mission statement

We are committed to maintaining a highly motivated, well organized and efficiently managed service company.  Our focus is to fulfill our clients' needs, exceed expectations in quality of work, employ conscientious and reliable staff, maintain competitive rates and provide superior, personable service from start to finish. We uphold core values that create a work environment based on respect, teamwork and accountability and will seek to employ those with qualities of a serving spirit, strong work ethic, dedication to reliability and drive to excel in professional and personal goals.


When the job is complete, you can take care of payment on-site with cash, check or credit card.  We want to make everything as convenient during your move as possible, from the start right up to the very end.  You can have it your way, all the way!


It all starts with a phone call.  We have qualified staff to walk you through the process and evaluate the services needed.  Usually an estimate can be determined that day via a phone call, or a time will be scheduled for one of our professionals to meet with you.

quality service with lifelong benefits!



Remember how exciting it was to know you were moving into your new home? And then you looked around and wondered, "What have I done? How will we ever get all this stuff moved?"  By enlisting our services, you are not only eliminating a stressful situation, but you are also removing  potentially hazardous physical elements. That is why we say, "Save your back...Use ours!"  so you can sit back and supervise, and let us do all the 'back-breaking' work.   It is as easy as "A-B-C"!

Our story


We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a labor service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life easier, on a day to day basis taking care of those jobs that you can't or don't care to do.   And, every time you use our service, you free up more of your time for the things you enjoy – not to mention the intangible benefit of saving your back!

Save your back... Use  ours!